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2009 August 6


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In June, I went to the ESCAPE 19 conference in Krakow. I was only there for two short days and, therefore, photographic opportunities were rather limited.  I had to make best use of the time there to talk to colleagues from around the world. Also, the weather was not particularly good, at least this day.

The conference was excellent with good talks and posters and the city was lovely.  The first night I was there, I went out with some of the PhD students from our lab, as well as some colleagues from UCL and elsewhere, and we ran into Andrzej.  We convinced him to join us for a second dinner.  He took us to an absolutely wonderful restaurant on the main square (south side) of Krakow.

Dinner in Krakow

The photo shows, from left to right, Laureano, Eria, Songsong, Andrzej, Melanie, Giovanna, Adam and Suzie.


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