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2010 December 23

The miracle of life

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I recently ran into the following snippet of an interview with Craig Venter:

You know, I’ve asked two or three times, ‘Do you think you’re playing God?’ I mean, do you believe in God?
No. I believe the universe is far more wonderful than just assuming it was made by some higher power. I think the fact that these cells are software-driven machines and that software is DNA and that truly the secret of life is writing software, is pretty miraculous. Just seeing that process in the simplest forms that we’re just witnessing is pretty stunning.This comes from a 60 minutes interview.ORG-LIST-END


2009 October 23

Running optimally

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I loved this post comparing running a marathon to an optimisation problem! Although I do run a bit, I cannot even begin to imagine running a marathon. I can, however, imagine the goal of minimising misery.

2009 August 10

A Canadian abroad

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As a Canadian living abroad, I don’t often get the chance to see the Canadian flag flying, unless I purposely go for a walk to Trafalgar Square in London, of course.  So it was a pleasant surprise to see the Canadian flag flying at Newhaven Fort in Sussex.

After visiting the fort, the reason for the flag is clear: the fort was used to station Canadian troops during the second World War.

The Canadians

2008 June 9

Hello world!

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I will be blogging, very randomly, on my thoughts regarding the application of optimisation tools and methods to a variety of problems in industrial engineering and applied science.  But as life is not only about work, I will also be posting the odd photo or two!

My research is described, currently, on my homepages at UCL (University College London).

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