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2010 April 4

New project on novel nano-catalysts for CO_2 conversion

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2010-04-04 Sun

A new EPSRC funded project has just been announced, led by Professor Nora de Leeuw, UCL Chemistry. To quote from the grant proposal, we propose to use a robust combination of state-of-the-art computation and experiment in a grand challenge to design, synthesise, test, characterise, evaluate and produce for scale-up novel iron-nickel sulfide nano-catalysts for the activation and chemical modification of CO2. The design of the (Ni,Fe)S nano-particles is inspired by the active sites in modern biological systems, which are tailored to the complex redox processes in the conversion of CO2 to biomass. This is a completely new area for me so I am understandably quite excited!


2009 August 6


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In early June, I attended the FutureSource exhibition at the ExCel exhibition centre in the docklands area of London. The exhibition was impressive. There were many companies demonstrating and presenting a very wide range of solutions in the renewable energy and waste to energy areas (amongst other things but these were the two areas that interested me).

I was primarily there, however, to attend a presentation by an Austrian delegation on the current state of the art in Austria in terms of renewable energy. Very impressive.


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In June, I went to the ESCAPE 19 conference in Krakow. I was only there for two short days and, therefore, photographic opportunities were rather limited.  I had to make best use of the time there to talk to colleagues from around the world. Also, the weather was not particularly good, at least this day.

The conference was excellent with good talks and posters and the city was lovely.  The first night I was there, I went out with some of the PhD students from our lab, as well as some colleagues from UCL and elsewhere, and we ran into Andrzej.  We convinced him to join us for a second dinner.  He took us to an absolutely wonderful restaurant on the main square (south side) of Krakow.

Dinner in Krakow

The photo shows, from left to right, Laureano, Eria, Songsong, Andrzej, Melanie, Giovanna, Adam and Suzie.

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